• Use Psychology to Create Sales-Winning Relationships

    A participant in one of my recent seminars asked me, “Can I rearrange my client’s office during a sales presentation?” The sales person had gone to an initial Read More
  • Are Your Clients Loyal or Just Satisfied?

    If you haven’t read Jeffrey Gitomer’s book “Satisfied Clients are Worthless”, you need to. There is truly a difference between creating loyalty and just having satisfied clients. After Read More
  • Purposeful Meal Meetings

    So, what exactly is a purposeful meal meeting? First, I’ll clarify what it is not. It’s not a way to escape work; it’s not a time to have Read More
  • The Power of Strong Ties

    The Strength of Weak Ties – Debunked! Max Steén, the co-author of this piece, conducted a study as part of his Masters Thesis, entitled: The Strength of Strong Ties Read More
  • In Sales, It’s Not About You

    Have you ever had a sales call turn out differently than you expected? Several years ago I was on what I thought was one of the worst sales Read More
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Is your booth staff ready for an attitude adjustment?

Is your booth staff ready for an attitude adjustme…

Do the math. Assume the next trade show you participate in expects a total audience of 10,000 people over a period of 20 hours. The number of people you can expect to walk past your booth each hour on average is 500. Now divide that number by 60 which results in the possibility of having 8 + people walk by every minute. It’...

Barry Siskind - avatar Barry Siskind

Read more


Raising the Bar, Part 2

Raising the Bar, Part 2

“Did I hire my sales people this way or did I make them this way?” In the last couple of months, we learned how to establish and communicate new standards and goals to the sales force. Now, we must understand and commit to the follow-through—holding people accountable. No doubt holding people accountable consistently is difficult because it requires the discipline of regular inspections and tough conversations. It would be easy if sales people performed as they promised, but this does not happen for many reasons.... Read more

Tony Cole - avatar Tony Cole

What Dog Sled Teams Can Teach us About Leadership

What Dog Sled Teams Can Teach us About Leader…

My wife and I had the opportunity to experience a dog-sled excursion while visiting the Ice Hotel in Sweden last year. While waiting to get onto the sleds and take off across the frozen river, we observed a very interesting behavior exhibited by the lead dogs in each dog team. Virtually all of the dogs in the pack were leaping and straining against their harnesses, barking, yipping, howling and generally making quite a ruckus. However, Beth and I noticed that the lead pair in front... Read more

Ivan Misner - avatar Ivan Misner

Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar

“Did I hire my sales people this way or did I make them this way?” This is the question every sales manager must ask.Fixing performance problems always starts with Standards and Accountability.  Accountability means taking responsibility for outcomes – good or bad. Your primary responsibility is to put the BEST team into the marketplace.  Much like a general manager in sports, a director of a theatre company or an orchestra leader of a symphony, you have a job and a responsibility to hire and use... Read more

Tony Cole - avatar Tony Cole


What Are You Really Selling?

Stu Schlackman - avatar Stu Schlackman

What Are You Really Selling?

The sales call was not going as planned. The customer looked at the cost in our proposal to manufacture their pc boards and we could tell by his expression that we were losing and losing fast. What else could we possibly do? Finally in one last effort to save the deal, I asked a question that surprised not only my vice pres... Read more

Is “Cleansing” Your Database Hurting You…

Kendra Lee - avatar Kendra Lee

Is “Cleansing” Your Database Hurting Your Salespeople?

When Yahoo! announced awhile ago that it planned to deactivate user IDs that had been inactive for more than a year and re-release them to the public, outrage ensued.Existing users worried that their long-held (and, in some cases, valuable) addresses would be taken from them, while tech and media experts suggested that open... Read more

The Most Powerful Word In Sales

Jim Meisenheimer - avatar Jim Meisenheimer

The Most Powerful Word In Sales

The most powerful word in sales is probably not what you think it is.It's a little three letter word that works like magic.The word is "Why."The word "Why" when used properly and with the right tone will get people talking. And the more they’re talking, the more you're learning.This powerful word also has a way of taking th... Read more

On... Rejection

  • Prospecting - How To Handle Rejection +

    This sales prospecting technique isn't specifically about how to prospect. It's a technique for dealing with the ill effects of Read More
  • Fear of Rejection: Don’t Let It Stand in the Way of Your Success +

    Back in 1994 I authored the first edition of my book The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret. I was out Read More
  • How To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection +

    Do you ever get an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach when you have to approach someone? In situations like this Read More
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