• How To Build The Ultimate In Word of Mouth Marketing -- Memes

    Memes are a self-replicating virus of the mind that can empower your future success or dethrone it. Memes pass along from person to person and just as genes Read More
  • Use Testimonials to Attract Prospects and Win Sales

    In today’s economy you need every advantage in your sales kit. Prospects are scrutinizing all requests for their time and each purchase decision. You want to pass their Read More
  • What Drives Your Email Marketing Machine?

    Perhaps the only good answer to that question is data.If you answered clients, revenue or sales leads the answer is not wrong…it is simply incomplete. Digital marketing of Read More
  • Is your booth staff ready for an attitude adjustment?

    Do the math. Assume the next trade show you participate in expects a total audience of 10,000 people over a period of 20 hours. The number of people Read More
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What Dog Sled Teams Can Teach us About Leadership

What Dog Sled Teams Can Teach us About Leadership

My wife and I had the opportunity to experience a dog-sled excursion while visiting the Ice Hotel in Sweden last year. While waiting to get onto the sleds and take off across the frozen river, we observed a very interesting behavior exhibited by the lead dogs in each dog team. Virtually all of the dogs in the pack were leap...

Ivan Misner - avatar Ivan Misner

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What Are You Really Selling?

What Are You Really Selling?

The sales call was not going as planned. The customer looked at the cost in our proposal to manufacture their pc boards and we could tell by his expression that we were losing and losing fast. What else could we possibly do? Finally in one last effort to save the deal, I asked a question that surprised not only my vice president, but the customer as well. The question: “Can I ask a candid question? I know that cost is a concern and I’m sure... Read more

Stu Schlackman - avatar Stu Schlackman

Is “Cleansing” Your Database Hurting Your Salespeople?

Is “Cleansing” Your Database Hurting Your Sal…

When Yahoo! announced awhile ago that it planned to deactivate user IDs that had been inactive for more than a year and re-release them to the public, outrage ensued.Existing users worried that their long-held (and, in some cases, valuable) addresses would be taken from them, while tech and media experts suggested that opening “old” or unused accounts up to whomever wanted to claim them could open the door to a number of cyber security issues.In my opinion, all of those concerns were completely justifiable.  For... Read more

Kendra Lee - avatar Kendra Lee

The Most Powerful Word In Sales

The Most Powerful Word In Sales

The most powerful word in sales is probably not what you think it is.It's a little three letter word that works like magic.The word is "Why."The word "Why" when used properly and with the right tone will get people talking. And the more they’re talking, the more you're learning.This powerful word also has a way of taking the wind out of an objection’s sail.For example, when you tell someone the price of your product and they respond, "We can't afford that."When you respond with a... Read more

Jim Meisenheimer - avatar Jim Meisenheimer


Selling Success Pyramid

Jim Meisenheimer - avatar Jim Meisenheimer

Selling Success Pyramid

Can you picture selling Success? I can! Is a picture really worth 1000 words to you? I believe so, in fact - I've created a picture of selling success for professional salespeople.It’s the Selling Success Pyramid. I got the idea from John Wooden, UCLA basketball coach who won 10 NCAA Championships in 12 years. He created a ... Read more

I Agree With Jeffrey Gitomer About These…

Mike Brooks - avatar Mike Brooks

I Agree With Jeffrey Gitomer About These Two Things

Now, let me just say for the record that I agree with a lot more than just these two things that Jeffrey says, but these are things I've known for many, many years.  I hope they resonate with you, too. So here's the scene: Large corporate sales convention in the company's training center, over 250 sales reps flown in from ... Read more

Building Your Personal Philosophy for Su…

Colleen Francis - avatar Colleen Francis

Building Your Personal Philosophy for Success

Throughout my career as a sales person and as a sales trainer, I’ve noticed that the top 10% of professionals in this field all share a passion for what they do. It’s not just that they have a knack for connecting with people and getting them to buy more goods or services more often. They also put a lot of thought into how ... Read more

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    Acclaimed sales consultant, Brian Tracy, takes a look at a simple and yet powerful technique to fashion your mind towards Read More
  • The Psychology of Success, or How to Improve your Golf Swing +

    A keen golfer wrote to me with the following questions: • Have you some thoughts on how to be positive in Read More
  • Self-Esteem and Sales Success +

    The Reactor Core Of Your Personality Your self-esteem is the most important part of your character. This is the emotional Read More
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